ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 VER. 2.0 (Motion/Light/Temperature/Humidity)


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This sensor works great with open Z-Wave systems like Vera, SmartThings (ask seller for the required custom device handler), Almond, and HomeSeer.

This sensor is NOT supported by Wink, Nexia, Piper, Vivint, ADT Pulse, 2GIG, Qolsys, or any other smart home alarm panel.

Don’t forget that your voice control speaker is NOT a Z-Wave hub, even if it’s advertised as a smart home device. You need a compatible Z-Wave hub to use this sensor.

Zooz Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 VER. 2.0

This 4-in-1 Sensor has been one of our most popular devices and although it’s been selling fast, we wanted to make it even better. After hearing and reading your feedback, we decided to introduce some big changes:

LONGER BATTERY LIFE: We changed out the AAA batteries of Ver 1.0 for a new CR123A battery, extending battery life significantly while making the device low-maintenance and hassle-free. FASTER MOTION DETECTION: Benefit from an upgraded firmware that makes for split-second detection and instant notifications. IMPROVED DOCUMENTATION: We’ve updated the ZSE40’s manual to make it clear and intuitive, with all the info and specs you need to successfully set up the sensor in no time at all.


Security First

The 4-in-1 Sensor Ver 2.0 prioritizes safety and security throughout its design:

SECURE SIGNALS: Bank-grade AES encryption protects communication between the ZSE40 and your hub (as long as it’s a security-enabled hub).  RELIABLE MONITORING: Enjoy the device’s fast response times with activity reports you can depend on. With a 40-foot motion detection range, this sensor covers the whole room and any larger space (compared to an average of 20-foot range in similar devices). COMPACT & DISCREET: Its small form factor and inconspicuous design make it easy to overlook, the perfect security device for unwanted company. TAMPER REPORTS: Anytime the sensor’s cover is removed, it will trigger the tamper switch and send an alert to your hub. You can schedule additional notifications for optimized security. LATEST Z-WAVE: The ZSE40 is equipped with the protocol’s latest 500-series chip, ensuring faster wireless communication, longer range, and improved battery life.

Completely Adjustable

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. The ZSE40 is adjustable at every step of its set up, installation, and monitoring:

CUSTOMIZED MOTION: Choose between 7 levels of motion sensitivity. No more false positives every time the cat walks by! TOTAL LED CONTROL: Get instant temperature and status reports just by looking at the LED indicator. Various color options communicate current temperature, if motion is detected or if the tamper switch is triggered. Choose how you want your sensor to communicate by adjusting its 4 different modes. ADVANCED PARAMETERS: Change up the report thresholds for temperature, humidity, light & motion to get precise and unique detection for your needs (your Z-Wave hub needs to support advanced settings and parameter input). FLEXIBLE INSTALL: The ZSE40 comes with the hardware for almost any indoor mounting location. Use the included bracket, screws, or tape to set up your sensor on the ceiling, the wall, or in the corner of the room.

What you get when you buy Zooz

Products based on YOUR feedback

Our job is to deliver the perfect product for your smart home needs. That’s why our US-based team studies user feedback and welcomes your suggestions every day of the year.

Here is how your input helps us create Zooz devices:

We take note of each customer inquiry and work closely with product developers to bring new, unique devices to market quickly All of your suggestions and complaints about each product are collected and analyzed to improve existing models, just like this VER. 2.0 Sensor! We update our devices every few months to make sure we stay up to date with the latest technology standards and your requests

Will this work with my hub?

The 4-in-1 Sensor works great with open Z-Wave controllers that allow advanced settings input (parameter changes). Here are the most popular:

Almond (Securify) Fibaro Home Center Lite HomeSeer Home Assistant Samsung SmartThings Hub (Custom device handler is needed to access advanced settings – ask seller for instructions) VeraEdge VeraPlus VeraSecure
The 4-in-1 Sensor will NOT be recognized by the following hubs: Nexia Wink and Wink 2 Z-Wave enabled alarm panels: ADT Pulse, 2GIG, Qolsys, Vivint, and others
Will it work with Alexa?
Echo or Echo Plus are not Z-Wave controllers so you will need a compatible Z-Wave hub to connect the sensor with Alexa.

Alexa-compatible Z-Wave hubs include: Fibaro Home Center Lite SmartThings VeraPlus

Pick Z-Wave Plus for a smarter home

We chose Z-Wave as the wireless protocol for Zooz devices for many reasons:

Interoperability – all Z-Wave Plus devices are tested by the Z-Wave Alliance, letting you mix and match products from different manufacturers and brands. Strong network reliability using the least crowded radio frequencies for constant connectivity. Mesh networking – if two devices are too far apart, their signals will hop along devices in-between. Fastest communication speeds between your controller and devices, whether you’re at home or away. Greatest variety of devices gives you unmatched freedom and flexibility when building your smart home network. Lowest energy consumption due to long battery life and “smart” energy usage.

4 SMART SENSORS IN 1: This compact device detects and reports motion, temperature, humidity, and light level to your smart home app. Compatible Z-Wave hub required, sold separately.
NEW IMPROVED VERSION: The included CR123A battery makes the sensor lasts much longer than the previous version. Updated motion detection allows you to get even quicker activity reports.
CUSTOMIZE IT: Choose from 7 levels of motion sensitivity, adjust the motion re-trigger interval, and pick from 4 different LED indicator modes (your hub needs to support advanced parameter input).
SECURITY FIRST: This sensor is equipped with bank-grade AES signal encryption. It’s Z-Wave Plus certified to ensure it complies with the highest industry standards.
WILL IT WORK WITH MY HUB? This sensor is NOT supported by Wink, Vivint, ADT Pulse, Qolsys, or other Z-Wave alarm panels. It will work great with open systems like Almond (Securify), HomeSeer, Home Assistant, Hubitat, SmartThings Hub with custom device handler (contact seller for instructions), VeraEdge, VeraLite (running under UI7), and VeraPlus.

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ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor ZSE40 VER. 2.0 (Motion/Light/Temperature/Humidity)


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