MoKo Smart Plug WiFi Outlet Socket, Compatible with Alexa/Google Home, Comfortable Convex Button, Voice/Remote Control, Timer Plug, 10A, No Hub, Only Supports 2.4GHz Network, White


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Product Description


Your everyday life will become more intelligent when you own this smart socket! Add such a socket which serves as a smart home butler to your home, and you can manage your home electrical appliancs by your smartphone APP whenever and wherever possible, just like put a versatile remote to your pocket to realize multiple functions, including schedules & timer, scene & group control, family share, etc. You can also activate the devices by giving some voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant when your hands are full. This small yet powerful smart socket will give you a safer and handier home life.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Q: Cannot connect to Smart Life APP?

A: Check if the connected WIFI is 2.4GHz. If your router broadcasts 2.4GHz and 5GHz network, please completely turn off the 5GHz network by going to your router settings. The device amount connected to the router shouldn’t exceed its load. Try to keep your plug close to your phone and router as far as possible.

2. Q: The MAC address filtering is opened on your router. How to find the MAC address of your device?

A: Turn off the MAC address filtering, connect your device to Smart Life APP. You can find the MAC address in the Device Information after successful connection.

3. Q: The device cannot connect to WIFI after a period of use. How to reset?

A: Long press ON/OFF button for 5-10s to reset the plug or change Easy Mode to AP Mode which is more compatible.

4. Q: Cannot sync with Alexa?

A: Check if the bound Smart Life Account on Alexa APP is the same as the Smart Life APP’s. Make sure the network connection of Alexa works normally.

5. Q: Device response delay?

A: Check if the network signal is normal without delay or if the connection between the device and the router is normal. (check Device Information on Smart Life APP-whether signal strength is weak)


Build Your Safe and Handy Life

ETL FCC RoHS Certified, Secure and Reliable

Combined with the premium flame retardant PC cover and the phosphor bronze plug, this smart plug provides fire, overvoltage, and overload protection, ensuring safety during use.

Multiple Advanced Functions

Remote control by Smart Life APP.
Voice control with Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant.
Only 2.4G WIFI is required, no hub needed.
Set on/off schedules and timer.
Create group control.
Family share.

Technical Specifications

Load Current: 10A Resistive Max.

Power Supply: AC100~125V, 50/60Hz

WIFI Standard: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n (NOT support 5GHz)

Operating Temperature: -20℃~+50℃

Support System: iOS 8.0/Android 4.4 Above







APP Remote Control

Control your linked home appliances from anywhere via Smart Life APP. You can turn them on before getting home or turn them off after leaving home and check their real-time status anytime.

Step 1: Search “Smart Life” in App Store/Google Play or scan the QR code on User Guide. Download, register and login it.

Step 2: Plug the smart socket into a wall outlet.

Step 3: Hold the button over 5s. Add Device/+>Electrical outlet and then confirm the status of the indicator.

Step 4: Enter your WIFI router.

Step 5: Schedule your home appliances.

Handy Voice Activation

After pairing with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control home equipment via simple voice commands. It especially facilitates the household life of the disabled and elderly.

Step 1: Go to Home menu on Alexa App, select “Skills”, search “Smart Life” and “Enable”.

Step 2: Enter your Smart Life account & password. Wait until “Alexa has been successfully linked with Smart Life” shows up.

Step 3: Discover your smart device and then control it through Echo.

Customize Your Schedules

You can set the schedules or timer to automatically turn on or off the connected devices at any time based on your routines and preference. For example, set the doorway lamp to automatically turn on to welcome you home while setting the children room light to automatically turn off to remind your kids of going to bed. Your home automation is made more convenient!


Easy Group Control

You can enable the scene or create the group to control multiple sockets simultaneously by means of one simple master switch. For example, combine all the connected devices in the living room in the same scene or group, and you can turn them off at the same time before you go back to the bedroom for sleep at night.


Family Sharing

Share the same smart socket control with your family members in seconds. It narrows the distance between you and your family, making you two more intimate and bringing you a happier and easier life.


Wide Compatibility

This smart socket is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart audio equipment:

Amazon Alexa: Echo Dot, Echo Dot (2nd Gen), Echo Dot (3rd Gen)/Echo, Echo (2nd Gen)/Echo Plus, Echo Plus (2nd Gen)/Echo Spot/Echo Show, Echo Show (2nd Gen)

Google Assistant: Google Home/Google Home Mini


Innovative Design

Novel and chic appearance. The special raised button offers comfortable touch, especially conform to the hand type and usage habit of the local users.






Vo Fire-resistant PC

Vo Fire-resistant PC

Flame Retardant PC


Aerometal + ABS

Fireproof PC


Voice & APP Remote Control

Voice & APP Remote Control

Voice & APP Remote Control

Voice & APP Remote Control

Voice & APP Remote Control

Voice & APP Remote Control


LED Indicator Light

LED Indicator Light

LED Indicator Light

RGB + Warm White Light


LED Indicator Light

Power Supply








Compact Size, 2.4GHz WiFi Connection, Timer Function, Device Sharing

Dual USB Ports, 2.4GHz WiFi Connection, Timer Function, Device Sharing

Compact Size, 2.4GHz WiFi Connection, Timer Function, Device Sharing, Electrical Quantity Management

E26 Standard Base, 16 Million Colors and Warm White, Stepless Dimming & Color Conditioning, 2.4GHz WiFi Connection

1200 Customized Colors, Home Light & RGB Light Separate Control, Timer & Countdown Function, Device Sharing

Extra Connectors, Timer & Countdown Function, Device Sharing

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen), Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo (2nd Gen), Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen), Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen); Google Home, Google Home Mini; SmartThings. Requires Android 4.4 or above & IOS 8 or above.
GROUP SETTING: You can create scenes or groups for several smart sockets to control them at one time. It”s also very convenient to share the same smart control with your family members.
APP REMOTE CONTROL: You can control home appliances anytime and anywhere on your smart phone with the “Smart Life” APP, what”s more, you can check the status of connected devices from anywhere anytime.
VOICE CONTROL: Control your devices hands free, just make a voice commands to turn on/off the connected devices.
SECURE PROTECTION: ETL/FCC/ROHS certified. Flame retardant PC material offers safety circuit protection and current overload protection. ★ Load Current: 10A Resistive Max ★

MoKo Smart Plug WiFi Outlet Socket, Compatible with Alexa/Google Home, Comfortable Convex Button, Voice/Remote Control, Timer Plug, 10A, No Hub, Only Supports 2.4GHz Network, White


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