iDOBBi a-001 Wireless Mini Plug Outlet, Compatible with Alexa, Voice/Light Switch Socket, Remote Control From Anywhere with Smart Phone, No Hub Required, Timer Outlet




How to connect it to google home? Our device connects to google home using smart life app. You will also need google home app installed. After installing smart life app and connected the plug with smart life app, please exit smart life app and proceed to open google home app. Inside google home app, you can find smart life skill under home control menu. Follow the steps on screen to connect your device to google home. I cannot connect the device to my phone. How do I put the device in discover mode? Hold the blue LED button for 10 seconds then release, the LED button will now blink constantly. Once the button starts to blink at a constant pace, we know the device is in discover mode and ready to connect to your smartphone.Home automation made easy plug in an iDOBBi mini smart plug, download the free app, and control your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world
Never leave the living room light on all day. Schedule the fan to turn on just before you arrive, sync lights and devices to sunrise, sunset
Remote control your home anywhere from your smart phone switch your home electronics on/off from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone
Use simple voice command to turn on/off your lights and appliances
Protect your home use worry-free timer/scheduler to turn devices on/off at different times of the day to give the appearance that someone is home