HomeSeer HS-FLS100+ Z-Wave Plus Floodlight Sensor




HS-FLS100+ is a Z-Wave-connected outdoor motion (PIR) and light (LUX) sensor that’s designed to work with standard floodlight fixtures. It will sends Z-Wave commands when motion is sensed and when motion has not been sensed for a period of time. It will also send LUX information via Z-Wave commends. In “Standard” mode, HS-FLS100+ will automatically turn on floodlights (directly) when motion is sensed and LUX level is low. In “Controller” mode, HS-FLS100+ will only turn on floodlights when a Z-Wave command is received from the controller. These different modes provide for a variety of uses. WARNING: HS-FLS100+ is NOT for use with integrated low voltage LED floodlight fixtures. It is designed for use with CONVENTIONAL floodlight fixtures that include 120 VAC compatible sensors.CONVENTIONAL FLOODLIGHT MODE: HS-FLS100+ can be used as a conventional motion-activated floodlight sensor to power floodlights when motion is sensed during dark hours. Controls are provided for manual adjustment of LUX sensitivity and floodlight ON times. WARNING – This sensor module is designed to replace CONVENTIONAL 120 VAC sensor modules. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with LOW VOLTAGE integrated LED fixtures.
SMART FLOODLIGHT MODE: When added to a smart home system, HS-FLS100+ will send Z-Wave commands to the smart hub or home controller when motion is sensed and when the LUX level changes. Likewise, the smart hub or home controller can send Z-Wave commands back to the HS-FLS100+ to turn floodlights ON and OFF. This added functionality provides a very high level of flexibility not typically available in conventional motion-activated floodlights.
SMART SENSOR MODE: HS-FLS100+ can be installed and used simply as an outdoor motion and LUX sensor. Floodlight functionality is not required. This provides some interesting security and smart home possibilities.
CONTROLS OTHER HOME LIGHTING: Can be used to turn on interior lights when it gets dark outside | More accurate than typical SUNSET calculations (requires smart home controller or hub).
COMPATIBLE WITH HOMESEER & SMARTTHINGS: Requires latest HomeSeer Z-Wave driver (“plug-in”) or SmartThings device handler (available from HomeSeer website).


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