Desi Utopic Convert Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolts, Rechargable Batteries, Wireless Fingerprint Reader, Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone Control, Extremely Easy to Install


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Desi Utopic Convert Smart Lock

Desi Utopic Convert is designed to convert your existing deadbolt to a smart lock. It is as little as an egg’s size to fit your door’s aesthetic appearance. Utopic convert smart lock has built-in Bluetooth which gives you ability to control by Utopic SmartLock app. You can fully lock/unlock your door from your mobile phone or via wireless fingerprint reader. Create one time Ekeys over the app without internet connection and share them.

Auto Lock

Auto Lock

Set a timer for activating auto lock after unlocking or define specific hours of the day to have your door auto locked.

Need To Use Your Keys?

If you ever need to use your keys you can still use them. Utopic Covert’s design lets you to use your keys to lock or unlock the door when needed.


Diameter: 45 mm Length: 59 mm

Full control over mobile application

Create one time usage Ekeys over the app and share them

4 to 6 months usage with one charge (depending on usage condions)

Directly fits door thickness 1.57″ (40 mm) to 1.96″ (50 mm) on the existing deadbolts except Kwikset

Requires additional installation step for door thickness 1.37″ (35 mm) and for Kwikset deadbolts









Create User Codes Remotely

The new fingerprint learning and fingerprint recognition process takes less than 1 second, and the module exhibits high performance on children’s fingers, elder’s fingers and female fingers, which are difficult to recognize with other fingerprint modules.

Guest Access (Ekey)

Create Ekeys over the app and share them with your visitors.

All you need is Utopic Convert installed on your door. No controllers needed. Your guests can open the door by entering the code to Utopic SmartLock app on their phone.

Rechargable Batteries

Utopic R powered by 2 x CR123A rechargable batteries. 4 to 6 months usage without charging (depending on usage condions).

Extremely Easy Installation

Just need Phillipshead Screwdriver and a tape band for the installation at the doors with thickness 1.57″ (40 mm) to 1.96″ (50 mm) on the existing deadbolts except Kwikset.

Requires screw and cam bar shortening for door thickness 1.37″ (35 mm) and for Kwikset deadbolts which are installed on any door with thickness 1.37″ (35 mm) to 1.96″ (50 mm). Shortening can be done easily at home on your own. Please watch the manual for Kwikset Deadbolts for more instractions.


Fully lock / unlock , lock once

Create user codes remotely offline

Change all settings of the lock

High secure Bluetooth communication

Optional remote controller can be added to lock

Fast and stable connection

Recurring Visitors

Need solution for recurring visitors? Just have your visitor installed Utopic SmartLock app on the phone and add the visitor’s phone to the list of Utopic Convert as user and set the limitations.

Remote contoller (sold separately) can be added to Utopic Covert as a user to unlock and lock the door every week at the selected days and time range.

Mobile Application

Utopic uses high speed Bluetooth connection to communicate with your phone. Application gives you full control over your lock for locking and unclocking.

Access all the controls of your lock and change them through the application. Check the logs for usage details.

Guest Access (Ekey)

Create and send a one-time code to your guest to unlock the door by using Utopic SmartLock app.


100 fingerprint memory

508 dpi capacitive sensor (suprema)

Illuminated touch sensitive buttons

High secure wireless communication

Long battery life with 2 X Alkaline Battery

Dimensions: 63 mm x 84 mm x 16,5 mm

Working Frequency: 434 MHz

Some Main Features of Utopic Convert

– Direction adjustment with one click

– Set the number of lock turns with one click

– Creating a one-time access code to the guest without internet or bluetooth connection (for example, to be able to open the door to your guest who comes to your house even if you are not at home)

– Adjustable motor speed for different door and lock types

– Automatic locking feature each time the lock is opened (different times and lock types selection)

– Easy recharge and possibility to see the battery status through the application

– 40 different controller memory

– Ability to grant the users who have the authority to open / close the lock for certain periods of time and to get this authorization whenever you want (for example, to allow the person who comes for cleaning on certain days only enter on that day).

– Delete the user you want from the mobile application

– Ability to report unlock / close actions date-time and by which user

Wireless Fingerprint Reader

The wireless fingerprint reader module, which can be mounted on the outer face of the door or on the wall, operates through a 500 DPI capacitive reader sensor. This device, which can learn a total of 100 fingerprints including 3 authorized fingers, has been awarded worldwide with its fingerprint evaluation algorithm.

OTP Technology

Desi Utopic Convert can unlock your door with single-use or fixed-time codes. With this OTP (One Time Password) system, you can create codes that will be valid for a certain period of time without connecting to your smart lock. These high-security codes can be used for a single entry or can be used unlimited times within the date range you specify. Keypad needed to use OTP features.

FINGERPRINT AND EKEYS – Lock/unlock your door by using wireless capacitive touchscreen fingerprint reader. Up to 100 fingerprint memory. Use your mobile phone at the range of Bluetooth to lock or unlock your door. Create Ekeys for one time usage which will let your guest to unlock the door by entering the code to Utopic SmartLock app. Ekeys can be created remotely without any internet or Bluetooth connection needed.
LONG BATTERY LIFE – Rechargable lithium batteries gives you long battery life as 4 to 6 months per charge. You can use these batteries for long years without need to change them.
WORLD’S SMALLEST – Extremely small dimensions as Diameter: 45 mm Length: 59 mm. You will feel as you have a classic knob on your door.
INSTALL IN 5 MINUTES – Much more easier and faster to install than other smart locks.No dirilling required. Installs on your existing deadbolt as converter without changing anything.

Desi Utopic Convert Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolts, Rechargable Batteries, Wireless Fingerprint Reader, Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone Control, Extremely Easy to Install


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