3 Pack iDevices Socket – WiFi Enabled Light Bulb Adapter, No Hub Required, Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Android




This pack includes 3 iDevices Sockets, allowing you to transform your home’s lighting environment. Control, monitor and schedule your lights using the iDevices Connected app along with your Android phone, Siri, or Alexa voice commands.This complete pack includes 3 iDevices Sockets (Wi-Fi enabled light bulb adapters), allowing you to control, monitor and schedule your home’s lighting from wherever you are. For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.
No Hub or Subscriptions – With the iDevices Socket, your home’s Wi-Fi and an iPhone or Android device is all you need.
Voice Control – The iDevices Socket responds to Siri or Alexa voice commands, letting you control your home without even picking up your phone.
Access Anywhere – Control and monitor your iDevices Sockets from wherever you are using your iPhone or Android device.
Customizable LED Night Light – Choose any color, brightness and saturation for the LED night light and even set it to a schedule.